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    Agilis is a food and agriculture enterprise that exists to empower Ugandans to feed Africa.

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      Martin Jadribo, an Agronomist at Asili Farms explains to the farmers how to cultivate soy beans. This was during the Farmer Day in Amuru District. Photo: ASILI FARMS LIBRARY For 32-year old Christine Ajok, the two-acre piece of family land that she cultivates represents not just a...
    Evako Avasi For over three decades, Avako Evasi and her family depended primarily on tobacco as their cash crop. The mother of two admits that despite the yields she got, the crop was a very difficult one to cultivate, and even the money realized from its sales was barely enough to sustain the...
    In March 2021, Asili Farms hosted seven lecturers from four agriculturalinstitutions; Bukalasa Agricultural College, Kaberamaido Technical Institute, Ssese Farm Institute and Rwentanga Farm Institute for refresher training and capacity building in the production of maize and soya beans.  The...
  • Our mission is to empower Ugandans to feed Africa

    To feed Africa, we grow, transform and partner

    We Grow

    Agilis is the largest producer of grains and oilseeds in Uganda through Asili Farms, the group's farming division.


    We acquire and develop idle land, unlocking the potential of Uganda's rich soils.


    We produce maize, soybeans and other grains and oilseeds on 13,500 acres according to high-yielding sustainable farming practices.

    We Transform

    Agilis is unleashing human potential through agricultural commercialization.


    We introduce, adapt and transfer agricultural practices that increase yield potential, improve long-term soil health and strengthen producers' climate-change-resilience. Our work impacts over 15,000 farmers annually.


    We are a leading employer of Ugandans, especially women and youth. In a subsistence-dominated industry, we are equipping Ugandans with the technical and business skills for a flourishing industry. We employ over 650 people.

    We Partner

    Agilis is a vital partner to agricultural commodity producers and users.


    Through the Joseph Initiative, the group's grain management and trading division, we source, aggregate, handle and store produce. We unlock high value markets for smallholders.


    We are a commodity supply partner to hundreds of food manufacturers and protein producers across the region. These customers depend on Agilis to reliably and affordably feed hundreds of thousands of East Africans annually.

  • Our Platforms

    Agilis produces, outsources and markets grains and oilseeds

    Primary Production

    leading grain and oilseed producer in uganda

    Asili Farms is the largest grain and oilseed producer in Uganda on 13,500 acres of land in Northwestern Uganda.

    Grain and Oilseed Origination & Distribution

    Leading grain and oilseed WHOLESALER in Uganda

    Joseph Initiative (JI) is Uganda's leading grain and oilseed aggregator and wholesaler. Through JI, Agilis aggregates grains and oilseeds from Asili Farms and smallholder farmers. JI supplies food manufacturers, aid markets and protein producers.

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    Developing Business Skills for an Agriculture Economy

    Empowering Ugandan Women through Agricultural Skills

    Transforming Lives through Personal and Career Growth

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